4 Issues that will Prevent your Car from Passing Smog Testing

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4 Issues that will Prevent your Car from Passing Smog Testing

Nearly all cars need to go through smog testing every two years in order to be able to be legally registered. If you have ever had a car fail a smog test you understand that it can be a difficult situation since it will require you to take another and unexpected trip to the mechanic in an effort to have the issue diagnosed and repaired. Luckily some of the most common problems related to smog test failure are relatively inexpensive and if you are at a STAR certified smog center the repair will likely able to be completed on location. This saves you time, and it restores the health of your vehicle. These are four of the most common reasons a vehicle will fail a smog test.

Failed EVAP

The Evaporative Emission Control System, also known as EVAP, is designed to prevent the release of gas fumes into the atmosphere. This system may malfunction if a leak occurs in a vacuum hose or vents or if the gas cap is cracked or loose.

Faulty O2 Sensor

If an oxygen sensor fails in a vehicle it will not be able to properly measure the exhaust for oxygen, which could result in several problems that include overheating, decrease of engine power or slow acceleration. However, what is important to the licensing agency is that this problem has increased the toxicity of your emissions. It is important to note that an o2 sensor may malfunction if there is an exhaust leak, which can be very bad for you and your car.

Rich Fuel Mix

When measuring the emissions of your vehicle for pollutants it may be found that there is a high level of carbon monoxide. This will occur if your car is burning excessive levels of fuel, meaning it is running rich. This may happen due to a of a faulty mass air flow sensor or o2 sensor or because of leaky fuel injectors.

Incorrect Fuel Metering

As you drive your vehicle monitors how much fuel is it using to make sure that there is a correct air/fuel mixture for a proper running engine. The fuel monitoring may be out of spec if the computerized engine control or fuel injection unit fails, resulting in increased hazardous emissions.

If you need smog testing or if your car failed a smog test in Santa Clarita head to Simply Smog & Valencia Auto Performance to have it repaired. We service all makes and models of vehicles at our full service auto repair shop. Give us a call today at (661) 259-5600 to request an appointment for superior auto maintenance in Santa Clarita.

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ

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