My Battery Keeps Dying, What's Wrong?

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My Battery Keeps Dying, What's Wrong?

Battery Keeps Dying, What's Wrong?Your vehicle's battery is the source of all electrical its power. It keeps your radio playing, your blinkers blinking and keeps the interior dome light on all night when you forgot to turn it off. Unfortunately that last one likely drained the battery which then resulted in you not being able to start your car in the morning. The battery does much more than power lights and accessories, it provides the necessary electrical power to get your car started and keep it running. If your battery dies once it is probably due to a light left on and after a jump start you shouldn't have to worry about it, but if it keeps dying there is definitely a larger problem at hand. Here are some common issues that cause batteries to drain.

Corrosion or Dirt

If you run into intermittent battery trouble it is likely being caused by dirty or corroded terminals. This is an easy fix that simply requires cleaning the terminals to ensure a tight connection for both the negative and positive battery cable.

Stuck Relay

Electrical relays are what open and close circuits throughout electrical systems to control the flow of power. If one of these gets stuck in the on position it can cause the item receiving the power to run when it isn't suppose to. If a fuel pump or air pump is receiving power when the car is off it will cause it to run all night and drain the battery.

Interior Light Problems

In some vehicles automatic interior lights sense the opening and closing of doors after a vehicle has been turned off. Once a door is opened and closed the system is suppose to know to power down. These systems can fail over time and causing electronics to remain on, such as the lights or power windows. For proper diagnosis be sure to bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop that can handle electric auto repair.

Driver Error

The number one killer of batteries is human error. Leaving the headlights on or a door that is slightly ajar can drain the battery over night or over a period of days, depending on how much power is being distributed. Be sure you turn off the lights and all doors are snugly shut, including the trunk, every time you leave your vehicle.

If you're experiencing continuous battery issues don't delay having the problem diagnosed. Not only is it annoying but it can eventually cause more problems if it is attributed to a stuck relay or other serious issue. For a battery check in Valencia contact Simply Smog & Valencia Auto Performance at (661) 259-5600. Our expert technicians will be able to identify the issue and get you on your way. Call today to schedule an appointment for professional auto repair in Valencia.

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ

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