What does a Great Diesel Repair Shop Offer?

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What does a Great Diesel Repair Shop Offer?

What does a Great Diesel Repair Shop Offer?Whether you use your diesel truck for work or play you need a shop that can handle the maintenance and repairs it requires in order to keep up with the tasks it's given. Not all auto repair shop can tackle diesel repair so it is very important to seek out a diesel specialist that will provide you and your truck with the service you both deserve. A full service diesel repair shop should offer the following services to keep your rig up and running.

RAM/Dodge Diesel Repair

A full service shop will be able to take care of your new RAM or Dodge diesel pickup or work truck, as well as late model services. Aside from providing it with the maintenance that it requires a great shop will offer you the latest in upgrades to keep your Cummins powered Dodge cruising down the road with great power.

Ford Diesel Repair

If you drive a Ford diesel it is powered by a Power Stroke engine. First introduced in 1994 Power Stroke has become a household name in the diesel world, having produced some of the most powerful engines to date. A great diesel repair facility will keep your Power Stroke running strong with proper maintenance and necessary repair.

GMC/Chevrolet Diesel Repair

Got a Duramax diesel? Sounds like you're a true Chevy fan. Introduced in 2001 the Duramax has become a staple of the Chevy lineup. No matter what year or model of engine your truck has a great repair center will be able to take care of it.

Injector Service

The injectors are one of the most important systems in the vehicle as the exact amount of fuel is necessary to create a proper running diesel. Be sure to take you car to a qualified mechanic if it is having fuel delivery issues.

Turbo Repair

Turbos take special knowledge to repair so it is important to utilize a diesel specialist that can take on the challenge. A failing turbo will greatly reduce your truck's ability to perform.

ASE Certified Mechanics

For the highest quality service for your diesel be sure the shop employs technicians who have been certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Simply Smog Valencia Auto Performance is your source for professional diesel repair in Santa Clarita and the surrounding area. However, we service all makes and models at our auto and diesel repair shop, no matter what sort of fuel they run on! Call us today at (661) 259-5600 to schedule an appointment for expert auto repair in Valencia or Santa Clarita!

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