When Should I get a Tune Up?

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When Should I get a Tune Up?

The term tune up is often tossed around the auto repair world fairly casually. But what is it? Well it is hard to give the term an exact definition, but more or less it means that you're giving your vehicle service in order to restore its driveability. If the vehicle isn't running right and is in between major service appointments, such as 30/60/90K maintenance, than a tune up would be fitting.

A tune up generally involves smaller services, such as replacing spark plugs, air and fuel filters, cleaning the injectors, installing a new battery and so on and so forth. Each of these take fairly minimal effort on most vehicles, yet they are absolutely necessary for the health of your car. If you ever experience any of the following issues you may want to pay your local auto repair shop a visit in order to receive a proper tune up to keep your car running great.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Your MPGs can drop for a variety of reasons, but many of them can usually be resolved with a tune up. To get your fuel efficiency back to where it was a mechanic may install new spark plugs and wires or an air filter.

Rough Idle

A rough idle in your car can be caused by a fuel delivery problem. You may need a new fuel filter if your current one is clogged or a cleaning of the fuel injection unit. However this issue may need more extensive repair, such as a new fuel filter.

Hard Starting

If your car is hard to start there are numerous things that could be wrong. A technician will be able to run computer diagnostics in order to quickly identify the best action to take to restore the function of your vehicle.


A vehicle that suddenly shuts off while driving or idling is dangerous to drive. Anytime you experience this issue be sure to reach out to a technician for proper tuning.

When you car just doesn't seem to be running right it may be time for tune up service. To schedule a tune up in Santa Clarita give the team at Simply Smog Valencia Auto Performance a call at (661) 259-5600 to request an appointment. Our full service Santa Clarita auto repair shop is here to serve all of your auto maintenance and repair needs.

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ

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