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Since 1996, every automobile built has been equipped with an on-board computer diagnostic system that monitors engine performance and reports any discrepancies in performance levels. When your “check engine” or “service engine soon” light comes on, your car’s computer is telling you something is wrong, even if your car seems to be driving just fine.

And remember, you can’t pass your California smog check if your check engine light is on!

So, your next step should be to get a computer diagnostic to determine the issue. While the problem may be small or serious, the sooner you address it, the better—for your vehicle and your wallet. In the Santa Clarita Valley, Valencia Auto Performance & Simply Smog has the know-how and modern diagnostic equipment necessary to correctly troubleshoot check engine light and drivability issues.

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The Basics Behind Computer Diagnostics

Originally, on-board computer diagnostic systems were installed in vehicles to monitor vehicle emissions, but the computer also detects problems within the engine. That’s because your diagnostic system is connected to your vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU), which oversees several engine processes, including the mixture of air and fuel and engine timing, in addition to helping your engine run efficiently while keeping emissions low. If the ECU detects malfunctions in any of these processes, it triggers the “check engine” or “service engine soon” light on your dashboard. Your diagnostic system then records the code pertaining to the problem. The code can be accessed by a trained automotive technician through computer diagnostic equipment to properly identify and repair the issue.

Count on Valencia Auto Performance When You need Computer Diagnostics

Ultimately, appropriate computer diagnostics serve to keep your vehicle’s engine running efficiently. Because on-board computer diagnostic systems can detect engine malfunctions before they lower engine performance, the intervention of a skilled mechanic, sooner rather than later, can avoid severe damage and an expensive repair bill. Computer diagnostics also help keep your vehicle emissions low, and if your engine is malfunctioning, you’re unlikely to pass your emissions test when the time comes.

Why go to one shop for diagnostics and repairs and then a different facility for your smog check when you can get it all done in one place? As a California Star certified smog check facility and auto repair shop, we at Valencia Auto Performance & Simply Smog can handle any emissions-related repairs and do your smog check.

If your check engine light is on, make an appointment for a computer diagnostic today!