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Smog Test & Repair in Santa Clarita, CA


California is quickly becoming a model for other states to base their emissions and smog regulations for motor vehicles. Valencia Auto Performance is proud to being do our part in keeping the air clean by providing affordable smog checks as a STAR certified smog testing center. And as a partner in the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) we offer financial assistance to qualifying customers. If you need a smog test in Santa Clarita, Valencia or the surrounding area, give Simply Smog & Valencia Auto Performance a call today. Our quick, inexpensive tests and comfortable waiting room with free WiFi will make your smog testing experience a breeze! Call us today at (661) 259-5600 to schedule an appointment for a smog test in Valencia.

Find out about common reasons vehicles fail the smog test here.

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Free DMV Renewal Service at Our Shop

ASE Certified Mechanics Star Certified Smog Check

We Smog Test All Vehicles:

  • All gas powered vehicles 1976 and newer
  • Gross Polluters
  • All Diesel cars and trucks
  • Initial California registration
  • HYBRIDS (new)
  • RV/Motor Homes
  • STAR station directed vehicles
  • Change of ownership

Smog Check in Santa Clarita

The smog test process is fairly simple. The exhaust is measured in your vehicle to calculate the amount of pollutants in it. If the number is too high it means that it is not performing as it should and something needs to be serviced in order to bring that pollution level down. At Simply Smog & Valencia Auto Performance we can conduct any necessary smog system repairs following a failed smog test. We have 3 smog test machines for faster service!

Smog Repairs in Valencia

If your vehicle has failed a smog test we can offer on the spot repair to ensure your vehicle is good to go. We can fix vehicles that we test, as well as cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, light duty commercial vehicles and diesel cars and trucks that have failed tests at other smog testing stations. Our goal is to ensure a clean breathing vehicle for you when you leave our shop. We also offer free DMV registration renewals after a successful test!

Smog tests are required every other year for most cars in California in order to become legally registered. The strict smog rules in California keep 400 tons of pollutants out of our air every day! Do your part and stop by our shop for a smog test in Valencia. Call Valencia Auto Performance today at (661) 259-5600 to schedule an appointment!